Who does not enjoy watching movies on a bigger screen? We all certainly do. And Showbox fulfills your dream with its Windows version. Surely, watching movies or TV shows on your mobile or tablet screen is comfortable. But, watching your favorite TV series on a bigger screen is fun! With Showbox for PC, you get the exact same opportunity in a few quick efforts. 

Like Showbox for Android, it is absolutely free on your desktop as well. You don’t have to pay for anything at all. Not for installing the app, not for watching movies. All you need is a computer or laptop suitable for the streaming app and a stable internet connection. Moreover, there is no limited screen size or limited access. 

Hence, if you are interested in installing Showbox for PC, let’s know about all its features. There are two different methods that would help you enjoy free streaming on your Windows computer. We have applied these processes many times before and they work just fine. Before taking you through the installation methods of Showbox for Windows, let’s get to know the system requirements.

What Are the Minimum System Requirements of Showbox for PC?

Showbox is an entertainment application that you can enjoy on your computer as well as Android smartphones. However, the real entertainment begins when you enjoy it’s enhanced features on a bigger screen rather than a smartphone. That’s why most people like to watch Showbox on a laptop. Though it was only designed for Android users, there are a number of ways you can get it on your PC too. 

If you have ever heard about Android emulators, then this is the time you use them. An Android emulator helps you experience Android applications on your Windows computer. Don’t worry, it works well and is also a legal way to enjoy movies. However, to use Showbox on PC, you will have to check out its minimum system requirements. Here we have added the points you need to consider before installing Showbox for PC.

  • The file size is only 2.5 MB, however, you need to have free space of at least 200 MB to let this app work without a lag
  • You need Windows 7/8/8.1/10 to run this emulator perfectly on your PC. No Windows Vista or Windows XP will work
  • You need a minimum of 2 GB RAM on your computer

These are the primary requirements for downloading Showbox for free. And apart from these, you definitely need a stable internet connection. If your internet connection is slow or not stable, you will not be able to watch videos smoothly. 

Which Emulator Would Work?

Showbox for PC has not released yet. But there are few legal ways to get this app on your computer. No, it does not require any penny and is also 100% safe to perform. You only need to make sure that your computer is 100% working. If you run an emulator on your half-broken system, don’t expect it to work. 

An emulator helps you install any Android app on your computer. So, if you are looking to use Showbox on a bigger screen, installing an Emulator is an option. Most emulators on the internet are free and easy to use. Though they do contain in-app charges, that are usually optional. 

The most popular Android emulators that people are using these days are Bluestacks and Nox Player. BlueStacks will always be the first priority. You don’t have to crack any rocket science to understand how BlueStacks work. It is a simple tool and is also very easy to use. However, if Bluestacks does not work for you, then you can try out its cool alternative Nox Player. Nox is also fun and a great tool that allows you to enjoy Android applications. 

What is ShowBox?

Showbox is a streaming app for people who like to watch free movies on their laptop or mobile. Showbox offers a huge library for all types of movie buffs. That means whether you like classic or thriller, comedy or romance, Showbox is for all. You get to watch all the newly released movies in high-definition video quality right on your computer screen. Also, if you think that your internet is running slow, you can quickly change your video resolution settings inside Showbox and enjoy your favorite movie. 

Showbox offers you categorized movies so that you can make the most out of this pandemic. You can browse through various genres, years, ratings, and using the advanced search option, you can find your preferred movies. Don’t worry. Showbox features a clean and easy-to-use interface that it is so easy to find what you are looking for. 

Moreover, you can also view trailers of the upcoming new movies on Showbox before watching them. So, you don’t have to browse YouTube to find out what you are going to watch. This way, you can also get in touch with the new updates of Hollywood and other movie industries. There are no unnecessary signup methods, neither do you have to provide any personal details. 

Highlighted Features of Showbox for PC

Showbox is the easiest way to get rid of your boredom. There are plenty of features show box offers but among them, here are the best ones we have talked about.

Free of all cost

You don’t have to pay anything to install the app. Neither you have to pay for downloading movies. With Showbox, it’s all free. It does not matter which device you are using to kill your time, Showbox does not ask for anything in return. However, you will have to tolerate some ads if you wish to enjoy their free services.

Showbox is perfect for all Platforms

Showbox works on every platform we know. It supports Android, Windows, iPhone, Mac, etc. Furthermore, users seldom report errors on the application. The Showbox for Android application is available officially but to get it on PC, you will need to go through some tweaks, that’s all.

You can watch thousands of movies from your favorite sources

You can use its advanced search option to find the movies you like and can choose your content from various servers. If a movie is available on a free streaming source, Showbox will find it and show it to you. 

Easy-to-use interface

Showbox for Android and PC is super easy to use. Everything you are looking for is just in front of your nose. You will just have to find the search button where you can search for the movie you wish to watch. Moreover, they feature the latest and popular movies on your Showbox homepage. You will find the new movies you are looking for right there and while you are watching, you can control your screen as well as volume in the app. 

Watch HD videos

Showbox for Windows offers free HD movies and Blu-Ray movies as well. That means, on a bigger screen, it is more fun.

Huge Libary

Showbox contains a large library of movies and TV shows that gives you the opportunity to find whatever you want to watch. The easy-to-access categories make it easier to find movies you like.

How to Install Showbox for PC?

As said earlier, to enjoy Showbox for PC features, you will have to install an emulator first. So, here we will try out Bluestacks first. If Bluestacks does not work in your case, then we will suggest other ways to get Showbox for PC. But first, let’s find out how to do it with Bluestacks.

Bluestacks method

  1. Visit www.bluestacks.com from Chrome or whatever browser you are using
  2. There will be a green button which will download the emulator on your computer
  3. Click on the green Download button and the emulator will be installed on your computer
  4. The size of the emulator is around 400mb. So, wait while your system downloads the tool
  5. After it has been downloaded, go to your Downloads folder and find the setup
  6. Double-click on the setup package or right-click on it and choose Run
  7. An installation wizard will appear on your monitor screen
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the emulator on your PC
  9. Then go to your browser again to download the Showbox.apk file
  10. After downloading, go to your Downloads folder and select the file
  11. Right-click on it and choose Bluestacks in the  “open with” option
  12. After installing Showbox on Bluestacks, you will be able to watch free movies anytime anywhere.

Without the Bluestacks method

If you don’t wish to install Bluestacks for Showbox, then you can follow this method. However, you will have to use ARC Welder to download Showbox for PC. Here we have demonstrated the process for you.

  1. Download and add the ARC Welder Chrome extension from this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arc-welder/emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn?utm_source=chrome-ntp-launcher
  2. Add the extension to your Chrome
  3. Get Showbox .apk file from somewhere
  4. Open ARC and sign in or create a new account
  5. Then click on “Add your APK” inside ARC Welder
  6. Then select the apk file there and from the bottom, click on the Test button
  7. Now start using Showbox.apk on your computer

Whenever you want to launch Showbox for PC, open your Google Chrome browser, go-to apps, and run Arc Welder. 

showbox for pc

Whether you want to install BlueStacks of Nox Player, that is up to you. But we hardly recommend any Android emulators for your PC. Sometimes without your knowledge, emulators come with various compatibility issues. Also, if your system is not compatible enough with the tool, you will experience various performance issues. That’s why it is better to avoid emulators. But you can use ARC Welder though. It is a browser-based emulator that does not have anything to do with your system compatibility.

How to Download Showbox for Mac?

The above-mentioned methods work for Windows as well as Mac OS. You will need to install BlueStacks for Mac or any other emulator that supports the Mac device. And then, you can go through the basic installation steps as you did on your Windows computer. 

Is Showbox Legal?

Showbox is a legit software that offers free movies and TV shows collected from credible sources. However, if you think that is not what you want, then you can watch original movies on apps like Netflix. Surely, many users these days use Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, Amazon Prime, etc. to watch the latest movies and tv shows. However, the problem with these apps is that they come with a costly subscription.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a Netflix account. But it is our human desire to crave for some entertainment. That’s why Showbox is here. It is absolutely legal to use Showbox on Android. However, if you think that the emulator method is not for you, then leave it aside. Use Showbox for a smartphone instead.

Is it Legal to Stream Movies from Showbox?

Showbox uses torrent links to bring you free movies and TV shows so that you can watch them from anywhere for free. This contains copyright infringement but that is up to Showbox and not you. Since you are getting movies for free, why drop the offer?

showbox for pc


Can I use Showbox without installing Bluestacks?

Yes, as said earlier, you can use ARC Welder, a free Chrome extension. Simply add the add-on on your Google Chrome browser and enjoy movies for free.

Is Showbox Safe?

Showbox is safe but directly downloading from torrent isn’t. So, unless you really don’t want to install the app, Showbox is a safer option.

How to troubleshoot “Showbox, unfortunately, stopped” error?

Clearing all the app data and cache solves this error. Make sure to restart your emulator before starting Showbox again.

Where to download Showbox from?

Unfortunately, Showbox is not available on the Google Play store. So, the safest way to download the emulator is through its parent website. You can also use a third-party website as long as you are sure it is trustworthy.

Is it safe to use Showbox on Windows?

Showbox is available on its parent website and it does not contain any malicious threats. So, no matter which platform you use it, it is always safe and secure.

Is there any legal implication?

It is depending on the laws of the country you watching Showbox from. It is offering you content from torrent and other sites that is technically unacceptable. That may also contain copyright infringement issues. However, since it does not post any content on its app itself, it won’t suffer from any lawsuit. 

How to browser safely from Showbox?

If you are worried about the lawsuit of your country, then it’s better to use a VPN. A VPN software will change your IP address so that no internet service provider or your government can track your activity.

Is Showbox available for all devices?

Showbox is available on the majority of OS. Apart from Windows and Android, you can get it on Roku, PS4, on your smartTV as well.

showbox for pc

You can use any of the methods given here to install Showbox on your computer. However, the best way to watch it is on your smartphone without any hassle of using an emulator.